Thursday 31 August 2006

internet ranking

yahoo is number one

msn is number two

google is number three

and alexa is the tool you need to find out in which ranking any internet website is.

Monday 24 July 2006

A Website about Corporate Identity

This website is the English version of a Dutch site that contains three sections.

The first section, a booklet about the general concept of corporate identity, is not translated. Suggested reading in English is the book Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler.
The Resources section contains additional information about corporate identity, including a bibliography and links to related sites on the internet.

Furthermore, the site provides a catalogue containing descriptions of a large number of corporate identities.

Tuesday 13 June 2006

design sources

some links are not working

Professional Graphic Design Links

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American Ad Federation Calendar of Events and CompetitionsGraphic Design Competitions Graphic Competitions provides an annotated directory of international graphic design competitions, events and much more.Graphic Design & Photography Competitions & ConferencesList of conferences and competitions by due date. Graphis Call For Entries CalendarRockport Publishing - (click the button: "call for entries") Regular calls for entries for upcoming books. Self Promotion ArticlesTitles include: Top 10 Ways for Web Designers to Find New Clients, Self Promotion Tips, Introduce Yourself to Local Clients, How to Write a Proposal to Get Freelance Work, Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd, and more.Self Promotion with EmotionYou came up with ten crisp, indisputable reasons your prospect should hire you over the competition. Your proposal was flawless, and the creases in your borrowed suit were so sharp they could have sliced cheddar. So why did your prospect go and hire someone else?
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Balance Basics of balance.Balance - Creating a Mood Create the mood of your design with balance.Color MattersColor pschology, theory, scales and more. Has articles on color blindness and how color relates to marketing, etc.Color PsychologyArticles and links on the subject.Creating Duotones Learn step-by-step how to create a duotone with pictures to illustrate.Elements of Advertising Design Become a stronger, faster, smarter advertiser - Colors, elements, and more explained.General TypographyArticles and links on the subject, including terminology and techniques.Glossary of Web & Graphic Design TermsA list of common, industry terms and their meanings.Glossary of Outdoor Advertising TermsA list of common, industry terms and their meanings.Interpolation - What is it? Press Check InformationWhat to look for, how to choose a printer, releasing the project, on press, paper on press, and picking and pickouts.More Press Check InfoInfo on how to read a press sheet, printing production time savers, types of proofing, types of proofs, what are spreads, signatures and imposition, what to check on a proof, and what to look for on a press check.Reviewing a Blueline Proof What to look for when proofing a blueline.Web Design PriciplesHas a vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well informed community.
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Graphic Design EssaysWritings on Graphic design's relationship in the world today, in the past & ideas about education.Graphic Design Theory and Research ArticlesSome titles of research there: Instructional Design, The seduction of Contemporary Graphic Design, Education in an Adolescent Profession, Graphic Design or Visual Communication: Product vs. Process, Wisdom from the Real World, Internet Glossary, Managing the Web Design Process, and more... Haworth Design StudioGreat articles about the business of design. Be check out "The Cognition of Creativity."Visual ThesaurusAn exploration of sense relationships within the English language. By clicking on words, you follow a thread of meaning, creating a spatial map of linguistic associations.
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Absolute ArtsThe largest marketplace for contemporary art, international art news, art research and marketing tools, online since 1995.Ad*AccessOnline image database of over 7,000 advertisements printed mainly in U.S. newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. From the collection of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History at Duke University. See also The Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920.More Advertising Agencies & LinksAd FlipThe largest online historical archive of print advertising.Art 2 LifeA timeline of 20th century Canadian art, people and events.Art-BridgeComprehensive directory and searchable database of art resources on the Web covers artists, animation, art galleries and museums, architecture guides, crafts, photography, digital art, etc.Art CriticView television spots from around the world, rated by viewer's download requests.Art EncyclopediaDatabase of 125,000 art.The History of "Lorem Ipsum"Magazine CoversFortune, Modern Screen, New Yorker, Photoplay, Rolling Stone, and Saturday Evening Post magazine covers.Pop-Up Books HistorySmithsonian Institute ResourcesSymbols Encyclopedia An online encyclopedia of graphic symbols which contains more than 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. In 1,600 articles their histories, uses, and meanings are thoroughly discussed. The signs range from ideograms carved in mammoth teeth by Cro-Magnon men, to hobo signs and subway graffiti.
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10 Design Mistakes That Yellow Pages Advertisers MakeIt is better to follow good design principles than simply purchasing more mediocrity. If it comes to making the choice, quality over quantity should win out every time.Designing Brochures that Work Why do some brochures work and others end up as scrap paper?How to Design a Better Brochure Thirteen quick tips that will help.New Folds - Brochure Design "What are some different formats forlaying out brochures, besides the ol' 3-fold, 6-panel way?"Yellow Pages Design Tips Your company doesn't have to get lost in the crowd any longer. Let a Holkar affiliate show you how to dominate the page with great ad design!
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10 Big Myths about Copyright Law ExplainedBusiness TipsFrom dealing with clients to analyzing costs to networking.Creative BusinessGo to the download area to get resources like design briefs, contracts, creative review checklists and more (for FREE).ContractsAll about them; including how to write them, when to use them and samples.Free Forms Free downloads in AI, Word, and PDf of samples in Web Marketing (Advanced Pricing Guide Sample), Creative, Expense Reoprt, Job Jacket, Art Approvals, and Sales Contracts.Freelancing FinesseSmart work habits can pave the way to a prosperous freelance career. Here are five key practices guaranteed to bring in business.GAINGraphics Arts Information Network. The portal, devoted to printing, graphics and prepress professionals includes regional and national news, a nationwide index of print and media vendors, and links to equipment and supplies.How to Make a Cost & Overhead Analyzer SpreadsheetThe world's best source of actual prices and pricing-related information for the desktop professional .How to Successfully Raise Your RatesLunar EclipseArticles on graphic design, web design and marketing. Their tagline: "A place where designing is actually relaxing." Myths & Facts about JPEGsNewsletter ArticlesDo you have trouble explaining to clients why they need a newsletter or how to write for one? Then this site could help you out. Free articles on these topics, as well as, many other interesting newsletter/promotion topics can be found here. Pocket Folder TemplatesDownload templates for Mac or PC for presentation folders.How to Write a ProposalTips for writing that winning proposal. Setting RatesSee what others are charging and earning, and learn how to set prices in your business.Spam-Proofing Your WebsiteTips and tricks that can help you make your mailbox less full.Stock PhotographyA large list of stock photography links from the pricey to the cheap.Writing for the WebMain points of the article: be succinct, write for scannability, and use hypertext to split up long information into multiple pages.
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Art Schools & EducationArt school and workshop directory.Informational InterviewsLearn why this type of interview could help bring you that job or internship you've always wanted. It includes questions that you could ask and more.Internships Abroad (non-US)International Internship directory with comprehensive listings.Non-Profit InternshipsA variety of fields. Sign up on their email list and get updates.Portfolio TipsTips for how to choose pieces for your portfolio, how to put together your portfolio & how to present it.
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Asian Action FilmsA designer's take on Asian action films.NancyBoy - Cool StuffLinks to odd sites. Beware, these links may offend some and may make others laugh.Optical Illusions SkeletonVectorlounge has a cool wireframe skeleton you can move around.Stress Test Typography QuizesTest your skills at terminology, naming fonts and more.ZefrankLoads of fun from "instructional" videos to animated games. It's a great site to check out if you have some free time or need a laugh or boost.
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Aquent White PapersSalary guides, surveys, skill guides, worker classifications & other free reports.Design Salaries - AIGAAquent, 2003Salary Calculator, Definitions, About the Survey and Downloads, as well as salary info.How Do You Rate?Figuring out your real hourly rate. From Much Are You Worth?How to decide what to charge for your services.How to Set Rates The purpose of this guideline is to provide a number of ways to arrive at rates, and to do so without once discussing the actual rates of any particular agency or firm.How to Successfully Raise Your Rates Hourly RatesActual prices & pricing-related info.Realistic PricingFine Art pricing advice that can easily be applied to graphic design.Salary / Neighborhood InfoShows demographics of an area in the US, including median household income, expenditures, utilities, and quality of life.Salary Guide - AIGA, 2003Environment, skills needed, negotiation tactics, pricing for web & print, etc.Salary Guide - AIGA, 2002Environment, skills needed, negotiation tactics, pricing for web & print, etc.Salary Comparison CalculatorFind out how a salary in your city measures up to another city's.Salary Survey - AIGA/Aquent, 2002US / Canada Wage & Salary Report
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Best of Web Design - Get InspiredBrain FuelCool HomepagesLink'd UpMedia InspirationNet DiverSurf StationInternet ArchiveA digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. It also has a Way Back Machine that shows you what your site used to look like - scary!
Code Help Designer WizFree javascript cut paste codes, javascript code generator, javascript code tutorial archive, free java applets, java effects, HTML test link tool, clipart, templates, free software downloads, search engines optimization tips & tricks, CGI & script code check server monitor test tools and thousands of web tool archive resources to create the dynamic web page design you envisioned.Flash TemplatesFrom as low as $40 and includes photoshop PSD and fonts. (I don't recommend this, but if you're lazy or don't know how to design in Flash yet and are on a deadline, this site could help you out.)Hot ScriptsAn Internet directory that compiles and distributes Web programming-related resources, geared toward webmasters, developers and programmers looking for enhancing their Web sites and intranets with dynamic development tools.
Return on Investment Research
11 Reasons Not to Have a WebsiteA tongue-in-cheek look at the excuses sometimes made for not needing a website. Punctures most myths.Breaking Down The ROI ModelMeasure return on investment for a web marketing campaign, with six value indicators: (1) direct response (2) delayed response (3) branding (4) lifetime customer value (5) viral value (6) offline value.Did Somebody Say 'Budget'?Approaches to budget development for a company website.ROI and Your WebsiteCommentary article stating that we should change ROI to "reduced customer risk" to make the phrase have more meaning.Show Me the MoneyDale Dougherty, Web Review, 2/7/97. How do you justify spending more on your website?
Motivation & Inspiration
Advertising Quotes Archives- Ad Slogas: Here is a collection of some award winning advertising slogans of the century which have been instant hits. Indian and global campaigns.LogoedLogo inspiration for designers.If you design a lot of logos, sometimes you may find it hard to get inspired, the best way of getting a instant creative boost is to look at good logos from other designers, not to copy, but to use as an influence.Logo LoungeOnline compendium of international logos that lets designer see what's being done by their collegues around the world.How to Keep Motivated in Crappy TimesNeed a Job - PSA *NEW*A unique approach to getting a job, this art director and copy writer made a PSA about finding work in the industry. Great stuff!Note to Student Art DirectorsWondering why no one asks you back after seeing your samples? Read this.Your Professional PortfolioExplains why you need one, how to make it target your audience, how many pieces to include, etc (This site also has a lot of great information on freelancing, education, getting clients, and more).
Colorado GD Job Search Resources
Denver-Metro Graphic Design OrganizationsArt Director's Club of Denver (Job Boards)AIGA Colorado (Job Boards)Denver Ad Federation (Job Boards)Meetup - Graphic DesignMeet with local graphic designers to discuss the latest in web and logo design, animation, typography and a slew of other topics. Meetings are set-up throughout the metro area usually at coffee shops or restaurants.
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Tips on Getting that Perfect JobCoverlettersLarge group of articles dealing with coverletters: How to make your sell, do's and dont's, cold coverletters and samples.InterviewingArticles on how to prepare, what to say when you're there, and how to close the deal. Includes a message board as well.Other Resources

Wednesday 31 May 2006



pense que lo habia perdido, pero menos mal que esta aqui de nuevo...una de mis favoritas

Monday 29 May 2006


looking for some types

speciall flash effects

copy and paste

here a selection of images/logos...

my best friends

inspiring....great good to be true...

The masters

here are the masters tutorials

Hans Kruit

:::: Kruit Communicatie en Vormgeving in Gebruik ::::

Hans Kruit, I have met the man himself

....yes the man himself!

I was really thrilled when he invited me for an interview... I mean the man himself, one of the Pillars of Dutch Design. Probably it would not be Dutch design without him.... in his business cards it doesn't say, art director, nor graphic designer, not even typographer but "Artistiek Leider" (artistic leader)

…. He was very kind. Down to earth man, middle-late 40’s very humble…he even blushed when I mentioned how many times we were presented with some of his designs during college years…how many of us liked his 50-guilder design! (One of the most amazing designed money-bills in the world, really sad it had to go with the entrance of the new Euro)…

I was really faltered and amazed he call me for an interview…I didn’t have many expectations on getting the job…but I still wanted to go for the interview, and after the hour he tells me that he likes my work, that I am a good designer, with the right experience...but I have something very difficult to find..and it’s that I am not afraid to use the technology...he can normally find good designers, but very few would be afraid to experiment with the technology or not to be afraid of using new media...and this is why what you do is so difficult to find....

Oh men' I almost drop death. I am telling you my ego got so big... he made me feel like part of a very exclusive group of typographer designers...coming from him was amazing I didn't got the permanent job, I must said...because of my level of Dutch, but we agreed to keep in contact and to work freelance for him...if I am still available and stuff...never in my wildest dreams I thought to have such an confidence got so high...