Friday 20 May 2016

White Nights Watercolors - box of 36 pans

Almost a year ago I received (well, to be honest, I actually asked and shopped online- for a box of "white nights watercolours" or St Petersburg Watercolours or Nevskaya Palitra — White Nights) for my birthday. At first I was doubting between the 24 or the 36 pan set, but price-wise (I eventually came across to a really nice "tempting" offer) I believe it was something like 50's euros (normally the set of 36 cost above 60 euros and the set of 24 pans is about 40 euros) so for less than 10 euros difference I got the extra 12 pans... some days I just love shopping online.

I believe this was one of the first picture I took of the box - as pans are still wrapped

(but I think) at this stage I was already playing with the layout and organizing the pans in the box, as somehow the selection of colours was large and to me it felt somehow unorganized and no very practical.

This is another picture on how I was thinking to set the pans inside the box

And this is a picture of today - I eventually wrote down the name and code number at the side of each individual pan with permanent marker, as well as writing a small name reference over the box margins above each pan.

I finally placed the neutral/earth colors to the right, and to the left (2/3 of the box) the strong colors following the color wheel (violet/lilac, reds,oranges, yellows,greens and blues below)

This month I wanted to do a light-fastness tests on my watercolors set (I read a few reviews, watched videos and saw some of the test results online - which seem very contradictory - and extremely confusing ... just to come to realized that my set (not sure if it is because is more modern or a special edition - has colors that are not in the normal or "old/standard" 36 pan set.. for example many users refer to the orange lake (number 320) which my set does not have, and other reviews seem to use an old selection of colors (no longer available at the Nevskaya Palitra website

So this is me, I  
took the white nights color chart from the website and went to Photoshop,  hightailing the available selection of my set 

Finally, here are all the colours selection on the 36 pans set of artist watercolours White Nights St Petersburg Watercolours or Nevskaya Palitra — White Nights that I have

On my box, 26 are single pigments (but in two cases is the same pigment) Cad Lemon y Cad Yellow Medium - both are PY35 and Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna are P.BR7

The manufacture (Nevskaya Palitra) warns of advice in two cases for low lightfastness (in Hanza Yellow and Violet) and medium lightfastness in the case of Golden, Yellow Ochre, Indigo, Rose, Green, Olive Green and Payne's Grey) but my *Light-fastness tests (currently on its way) would have to agree (or disagree) with those warnings

Colors included: Zinc White*** Cadmium Lemon*** Cadmium Yellow Medium*** Yellow Ochre** Golden** Golden Deep*** Hanza Yellow* Titian Red*** Ruby*** Cadmium Red Light*** English Red*** Quinacridone Rose** Carmine*** Madder Lake Red Light*** Quinacridone Lilac*** Violet* Ultramarine*** Blue*** Cobalt Blue*** Cobalt Blue Spectral*** Turquoise Blue*** Indigo** Ceruleum Blue*** Yellow Green*** Emerald Green*** Green** Olive Green*** Oxide of Chromium*** Raw Sienna*** Burnt Sienna*** Umber*** Burnt Umber*** Mars Brown*** Sepia*** Neutral Black*** Payne's Gray**

As I was still writing this post, I came to realized that the table of content printed in the box already warns of other possible combinations/options

here are the ones that vary, therefore the box might content; 

Titan Red 226*** or (otherwise) Orange Lake 320*. 
Quinacridone rose 324**or (otherwise) Rose 322*.
Quinacridone lilac 609***or (otherwise) violet-Rose 608*.
Blue 513*** or (otherwise) bright blue 509***
Indanthrene blue 524*** or (otherwise) azure blue 519***
Emerald green 713*** or (otherwise) green original 719**

I think I was pretty lucky (not just price wise, but my content (the fist option of each line) is stronger on the color selection and in the light fastness and here is also the reason why the contents of my box might vary from early reviews I have been reading online... ok,.. so how was that again ... if you cannot find it, Make It yourself (or something like that)

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