Wednesday 31 May 2006



pense que lo habia perdido, pero menos mal que esta aqui de nuevo...una de mis favoritas

Monday 29 May 2006


looking for some types

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The masters

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Hans Kruit

:::: Kruit Communicatie en Vormgeving in Gebruik ::::

Hans Kruit, I have met the man himself

....yes the man himself!

I was really thrilled when he invited me for an interview... I mean the man himself, one of the Pillars of Dutch Design. Probably it would not be Dutch design without him.... in his business cards it doesn't say, art director, nor graphic designer, not even typographer but "Artistiek Leider" (artistic leader)

…. He was very kind. Down to earth man, middle-late 40’s very humble…he even blushed when I mentioned how many times we were presented with some of his designs during college years…how many of us liked his 50-guilder design! (One of the most amazing designed money-bills in the world, really sad it had to go with the entrance of the new Euro)…

I was really faltered and amazed he call me for an interview…I didn’t have many expectations on getting the job…but I still wanted to go for the interview, and after the hour he tells me that he likes my work, that I am a good designer, with the right experience...but I have something very difficult to find..and it’s that I am not afraid to use the technology...he can normally find good designers, but very few would be afraid to experiment with the technology or not to be afraid of using new media...and this is why what you do is so difficult to find....

Oh men' I almost drop death. I am telling you my ego got so big... he made me feel like part of a very exclusive group of typographer designers...coming from him was amazing I didn't got the permanent job, I must said...because of my level of Dutch, but we agreed to keep in contact and to work freelance for him...if I am still available and stuff...never in my wildest dreams I thought to have such an confidence got so high...