Wednesday 10 October 2012

Find Masters in Europe:

Masters in Europe:

I need to tag this page, for when the kids finally go to school and I will have free time for myself!!!

so far a few had grabbed my attention;

  • M.A. Corporate Communication-  Sheffield Hallam University
  • M.A. Online Communication-  Sheffield Hallam University
  • M.A. / Master in Media and Communication-  European Graduate School (EGS)
  • M.A. Communications, Media and Public Relations-  University of Leicester
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searching for Wooden Letters

Today I updated the initial design I made (back in march 2011) on how I though the kid's room would look like. Based on the original baby furniture we bought at Baby-Dump (in 2009), consisting of;
  • a dresser
  • a baby crib
  • and a wardrobe
  • (we already had the upper-self from Ikea)

Here is my initial sketch and measurements back in 2011 - I tried to re-use most of the baby furniture.

I am now updating the design to incorporate the upper shelf we built during the weekend (where the loft bed is going to rest) this will also add more space between the beds.

I also updated the 3 section shelf (lower bed) to the actual 5 existing compartments. I am also thinking to add the kids names above their bed area. In our last visit to Italy we drove till Collodi (in the Italian Toscany) where Pinocchio was created. The old town in the hills of Toscany was amazing, well worth seeing, in the other hand I was more excited to see wood workshops and to shop for unique wooden letters, unfortunately I came across to only two shops selling "wooden souvenirs, mainly Pinocchios", so I had to come back empty handed from the Italian trip.

I am now back behind the pc, searching (& possible ordering) Wooden Letters on line. The are a couple of website I have visited, so far the one I like the most is the wooden letters company (UK based). I am almost ready to order the names from their site, the only thing stopping me is that I first I wish to visit the Xmas market in Cologne (Germans always have the most lovely wooden toys) and somehow I still have this romantic idea of smelling & holding wooden letter on my hands... we are even contemplating the idea of making them at home. I never thought it would be this difficult to find wooden letters.

Monday 8 October 2012

building the bunked (2nd part)

It is October again, almost a year ago we left the project "building the kid's bedroom" half way done; 

At that time, our son was a baby, small enough to fit in his crib. 

Still he is not even two years old (and even when I believe he could use it for an other year more), he, in the other hand thinks it is definitely over sleeping in the baby crib. 
The idea now, is not to get rid of the crib completely, but more of dismantle and reuse its part in order to building the kid's bunkbed

So following, from where we left it 1 year ago; 

This weekend we built a shelf unit to go on top of the dresser (it was a pretty fast job, as the blades were custom made and pre-cut at the hardware store to fit the space above the dresser, we assemble it at home the same way as we did for the self unit (in the lower bed) all attached with help of a staple gun) -  

In the coming weeks we'll have to make a rail for the side and back of the bed (at 120 cm height  same level as the shelf unit) where the bed frame is going to rest. 
we also have to make the bed-frame itself, the ladder and the safe railing for the upper bed)
But now I realize we still going to have so much free space at the back of the dresser, I am also thinking to leave an opening in the bed frame (of the upper bed) to access the area (eg. for storage) as we did in the lower bed - 

I'll post more pictures as we advance in the project.

to be continued...