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Anohito and "Susanna’s" death (decoding the epilogue of Candy Candy Final Story)

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Candy and her doubts ... anohito, anohito, who is anohito?

... hahaha ... I cannot help but to laugh when looking at this comic strip.  But, I am also wondering “who” anohito is?  "Anohito (= That person)." Who is HE, (the ONE who won Candy’s heart in the end)?

Over the last few months I finally had the time to watch Candy Candy the compleate animated series - (bless the Internet (YouTube) and "file sharing"), Candy Candy playlist1 (from chapter 1 to 99) and Candy Candy's playlist2 Chapter 100 to 115 & movie  (these links are in spanish dob)

Anyhow, I always remembered that those illustrations in the manga/comics books were far much nicer, I spend so many summer afternoons at my neighbor’s Marga (the poor thing was recovering from a hip surgery) and while I was visiting her, I would also “devoured” her comics of Candy Candy with my reading... so making a new internet search I came across Candy Candy manga  (shame I cannot find these in colour - and yes, by all means the Manga/Comic (fantastic work by Yumiko Igarashi) has more quality than the TV series, and one can understand the end/outcome far much better ... when I was on my teens I couldn't grasp the concept on why Candy will end-up with the "old-fellow" (it had to be Anthony or Terry – as those two were of our age – I always hoped for Anthony to be "alive" in some way or another !!, after reading the comic 20 years later ... I understand far much better than the" Prince on Pony’s Hill" was always the only option ...

Well, apparently that was not all... no,  Kyoko Mizuki, legal author of Candy Candy, has just edited and added more information on  CANDY CANDY FINAL STORY , to tie-up (if they were any) loose ends. As far as I understand, this new edition is only available in Japan (but in some forums (unofficial) translations of selected pages from the novel are now emerging)

From what I’ve been able to read thanks to these free translations  (LA BITACORA (FORO ROSA)  - is that, Candy now on her 30’s lives happily in England with a man she loves "Anohito (that person/HE)" ... the problem is that she (Candy) throughout the novel, never names "that person" by his first name ... at this time we should also distinguish what is "objective"  from what is “subjective or speculative” (until we get an official translation)... but I can not stop thinking about a naughty Mizuki laughing at the conclusions confused fans all over the world are drawing  ...Daffodils= that means He is Terry. The colour blue= he is Albert. The books of Shakespeare= HE is Terry. CAR= Albert because HE is always driving. BLANK PAGES = Terry. Candy into his arms = Albert ... All this completed with "solid" arguments .. and so it is, that the heat is on.

And who is "HE"?

Why is that Candy never pronounces the real name of Anohito (being him, Terry or Albert)? Why is that she is not clear? After 30 years, does the author want to leave an open ending? I doubt it. I'm not going to analyze Candy’s words; what is she telling us during the novel or try to find clues as if “this” or “that” person comes out of her lips, because in reality I think Mizuki is the key, she is who wrote the novel and she is the one who manipulates Candy to guide us thought out the book, thus then, let’s follow Mizuki steps.

The first thing that we notice is the construction of the novel; the rhythm of the reading that the author forces us to follow, we shouldn’t forget that Mizuki is an experience writer/poetess and everything that appears before our eyes is not by accident but instead, it has been calculated & premeditated beforehand. Thus, she divides the book into the following sections: PROLOGUE, 1st PART, 2nd PART, 3rd PART and EPILOGUE. Point out that I am going to read a linear story, that of a traditional structure (with an introduction, a development and an end).

·         In the prologue  (introduction) - Candy in her present, writes from England to sister Mary and Miss Pony (who is recovering at Pony’s Hill) this allows Candy to recall her memories, introducing the reader in the novel’s nostalgic flow.
·         Sections 1, 2 and 3 - (novel's body), Candy is directing the reader, she thinks/remembers/comments, inviting us into her world. She is the one who guides us combining present & past, (sometimes) aided by a “little box of treasures” where she keeps letters, clippings and other memories  ... she looks back with nostalgia to that “past” or loved ones who are now gone, in summary, this is a resume of her adventures and misadventures, combining it with her current situation. The tempo is romantic but melancholic, sometimes even depressive until our reading is interrupted, we are confronted with a few blank pages -  and a  love note from Terry  (sensitive and melancholic) followed again by other blank pages until starts
·         The epilogue (outcome and final) - here we are presented with a collection of letters (a correspondence between Albert and Candy  - and one letter more from Candy to Anthony  ... the rhythm of the book seems to change, still melancholic and sensitive, but is also cheerful and with hopes.  Finally there is one last paragraph where Candy comes back from her thoughts to the present, collects her memories and once again stores away her little box of treasures, at the moment "Anohito" arrives home, she runs into his arms -  transferring emotion and happiness to the reader (the end).

From now on, I will continue with a subjective analyses (but as I have mentioned before, so far I've only read bits and pieces and loose translations, probably all this, will make more sense once I can read an original copy with an official translation, but for now I'll have to wait (like most of us). 

The first thing that got my attention was "Susanna'death" (this event alone, holds two epilogues at the same time) and is key to the story. Death is an epilogue in itself - is the end of life (Susanna's life) but is also an epilogue to the relationship Terry/Susanna (and so it also doesn't exists an obstacle that prevents Candy/Terry to be together). This information is very important and at first I was surprised that it wasn't included in the epilogue (outcome) of the novel, but finally I didn't give much of a thought as I understood the narrative was linear/following a chronological order... until I read someone's comment in a forum where they verified that the correspondence with Albert is prior to Susanna's death and which Mizuki included in the epilogue.

This new fact made me think... why is that Mizuki needs to create an epilogue/section in the novel but then she avoids to include an information as obvious as "Susanna's death? Does she need "two epilogues"? But what's more, now I also know that Mizuki, first creates the events in a chronological order (that she planed) to later deliberately mixed them up in the narrative (creating, thus two different dimensions in the novel, one is chronological (time) and the other one is narrative (story)). And why is that she needs to re-arrange the order of time (past/present) of the events? Why doesn't she create the events directly in the order she wants to narrate them? What is she communicating in reality?

Let's name those events in order (chronological dimension);
Candy meets the "Prince." She is adopted.  She falls in love with Anthony but he dies. She falls in love with Terry, but he stays with Susanna. She discovers that her friend Albert is also her protector "Uncle William" and the Prince of the hill. Susanna dies. Terry writes a love note. Candy lives happily with Anohito (end)

Now let's see the same events in the order Mizuki "forces us" to read them, (under a narrative dimension);
Candy meets the "Prince." She is adopted. She falls in love with Anthony but he dies. She falls in love with Terry, but he stays with Susanna. Candy reflects over Susanna's death. Love note from Terry ---- Epilogue Correspondence with Albert and letter to Anthony. Candy in Anohito's arms (end)

Why didn't Mizuki include the information about Susana's death in the book's epilogue? (under the chronological dimension and by logic, this is its right place), but in the narrative dimension Mizuki "deliberately" excludes it from the epilogue and instead includes previous events. Is Mizuki pulling off some kind of magic trick?

OK, let’s go step by step.. we need to remember that Mizuki created the character/accident of Susanna to prevent the relationship between Terry-Candy to continue. So, why to "kill" NOW Susanna's character? As one possibility I am thinking; if Susanna is alive, even in the remote event that Terry would abandone her, Candy, still, will never take him back. But if Mizuki eliminates Susanna, Candy can "choose", Mizuki finally gives her "free will" to decide.

Let's understand now the options that Mizuki has (under a narrative dimension) on how to communicate to the reader the relevance of "Susanna's death";
a)    (to modify the time dimension) "on purpose " to include the information, "Susanna dies" in the epilogue (in a narrative dimension would indicate) Terry is probably Anohito.
b)    (without altering the time dimension) the information, "Susanna dies" follows in the epilogue (in a narrative dimension indicates) this fact is relevant -it may be Terry- (this is the right option -but Mizuki decides otherwise).
c)    (without altering the time dimension) "Susanna dies" doesn’t follow in the epilogue (in a narrative dimension would mean) this fact might or might not influence Candy on her choice (for Anohito).
d)    (to modify the time dimension - this is what Mizuki decides to do-) "on purpose" to exclude the information "Susanna dies" from the epilogue (indicates in the narrative) this information is irrelevant to Candy.

Susanna's death (as that of Stear) is sad, but is not decisive to Candy. So what? maybe Susanna's death is irrelevant to Candy, but still, this doesn't exclude Terry as a possibility to be Anohito. True, this fact alone doesn't do much, but it is peculiar that Mizuki swaps the chronological & narrative dimensions of 4 key elements to the novel's development. First, let's analyze the content of these 4 events (following their true chronological order)

(We know beforehand, that Terry (must) stays with Susanna, thus breaking Candy's heart)
1.   Correspondence with Albert in Candy - these letters are written immediately after Albert reveals Candy his other identities, he is "Uncle William" but also "the prince of Pony's hill". In their exchange of letters, we can see how Candy & Albert are getting closer, intimate, we feel sincerity, friendship, complicity, perhaps even something more ... but especially we notice a cheerful Candy, excited, full of energy and optimistic.
2.   Candy (in a self analysis) writes a letter to Anthony (if this doesn't make me cry I don't know what else will do) .. the content  of this mail is very sad and sensitive, Candy reflects over her life - a mixture of laughs and tears- and looks with hope to her future because she knows no matter what the destiny brings she will always go on, and asks Anthony that wherever he is, to keep protecting her.
3.   Susanna dies
4.   (18 months after Susanna's death) Candy received a love note/declaration from Terry, the content is melancholy, Terry reproaches himself something like "sorry it took me so long, I didn't have courage before, but if you want me I'm still here as my feelings for you haven't change"

But, instead, in which order is Mizuki "feeding" the information to the reader? Why does she need to create events in an other to later on "cut them from the past" and paste them into a "future"? what is really transmitting? Let's look once more to the narrative dimension we are "forced" to follow (under Mizuki's design).

1.  Candy reflects on Susanna's death = "I'm sorry for her"
Blank pages (meditation / reflection) = and now what?
2.  love note from Terry (he still loves me, he is awaiting on reply)
Blank pages (meditation / reflection) = and now what?
---- Epilogue ----
3.  Correspondence with Albert, (starting to smile, life is not so bad surrounded by friends)
4.  Letter to Anthony (I'll heal, it's gong to be tough but I'll make it, give me strength and look after me)

Straightaway, under a narrative prespective, Anthony's letter is key to "Terry's good-bye", not so much in its content, but in its context (within the epilogue). Mizuki specifically cuts the letter from the "past" (passing it "over" Susanna's death and Terry's note) and pastes it into a more actual "present", giving new value to the letter, in other words - Mizuki manipulates the letter's time-dimension, so it gains new power in the narrative-dimension - thus creating a sandwich;

(Under a chronological perspective, this is what really happened)
·       Letter Anthony = I am going to heal my heart, I'll put my past behind, I'll be strong ...
·       Susanna dies/Terry's note = .. sorry I'm late ... but I still love you

(But under a narrative perspective, this is what Mizuki "forces" us to read)
·       Susanna dies/Terry's note =  .. sorry I'm late ... but I still love you
·       Response/Candy's reaction to Terry's note = (Letter Anthony) I will continue recovering, I'll be strong

By now we also know that Candy has "free will", Mizuki is telling us that Candy is not with Terry because she can't (Susanna's obstruction), but instead because she "doesn't want to" be with him.

If the letter to Anthony wasn't in the narrative dimension of the Epilogue, the connotation would be that this is nothing else that one of the many letters Candy writes, without major consequences, but once altered of its true chronological order and included in the epilogue, this letter has connotation of "full stop" to the relationship or any chance to go back with Terry "things once lost will never return." Candy had already begun the process Terry's detox before he even writes his love note, probably even before Susanna died, Susanna was already irrelevant to Candy...but Anthony's letter is not only a farewell to Terry ...

Suddenly I had a revelation, "IWE"! (Iwe, is the dog of my in-laws) actually they did not know how to call the dog, so they named it "Iwe"(which in Swahili language means "(he) IS"-that exists). Candy may well not tell us Anohito's real name ... because she doesn't really know how to call him ... and this only occurs ... well ...

Then Albert is Anohito ? -No -no? -NO!

Let's concentrate once again in the epilogue's section, if Mizuki wanted to tell us that Albert is Anohito, she might suggested something like this;
1.   Letter to Anthony (I will heal my heart, life goes on)
2.   Correspondence with Albert (answers and to know him better)
3.   I'm happy with Anohito

And just in case this wasn't enough, Albert also confirms this in his letters to Candy, "do not call me father," "do not call me prince", "do not call me uncle" "I wanted so much to be Albert" "If I could only be Albert" This person wants to be someone else but he can not. Albert is "sacrificed "to make way for William (someone who he doesn't want to be)  and meanwhile Candy keeps calling "him" Albert, in reality, Albert no longer "exists" - because now he must be William. The correspondence between Albert & Candy is "I WANT" (I want to see you, I want to talk to you, I want to ...) but "I CAN NOT" (if I could...) Albert doesn't give any commitment, he doesn't confess his love, his feelings, or anything else relevant, because he knows there is no much point on it now that he the patriarch.

In the correspondence Candy/Albert, Mizuki gets rid of three possibilities at once;
1.   The Prince on the hill = The platonic love, unreal and idealistic, a teenager who "grow up" to make way for
2.   Albert = A wanderer without a past, the friend/brother, that "evolved" to make way for
3.   William = the busy businessman, the patriarch/protector

Well, but then William is .... finally discarded ... in the following paragraph (Anthony's letter) ... "I realized that even when some people are alive, we are doomed to be separated".... and finally I saw it ... Mizuki had just created an "OTHER SUSANNA" another obstacle, this time to prevent any possible romance between William and Candy. This "susanna" had been there from the beginning (probably from birth) but "she" becomes present in the same moment that "Albert" changes into "William "- Was it "her" from whom the Prince was trying to escape? Was it "her" from whom Albert was trying to hide? wanting to be someone else, to dream, to be free for a moment perhaps, even denying it, even so, Albert was aware of his own destiny. Was it "her" that prevented Albert from saying "I Love You Candy"? .. and those silences ... those half words ... those unfinished sentences....

And you Candy? You saw her too .. "she" finally became visible, right? there, in the "hall of portraits" now you too could feel her presence ... You wanted so badly to see Albert, to talk to him close, you seemed so happy in your letters, so exited ... "But unlike Rosemary, he can not marry for love, he can not leave the family name, because" He "is the NAME" and then you realized it, .. "She" was there in the middle, as the abyss,  .. and "she" was the one restraining him (to confess you his love) ... "once again "SUSANNA" SCREWED YOU UP”

And if anyone doubts the "power" that "she" has, as sample it was the opposition to Annie-Archie's  marriage." Yes! "She" is all powerful, there she is always present, constantly reminding you who you really are, pointing at your real status, "He is aristocrat and you an abandon child (maybe even a bastard)"... to be close but never "together" (so powerless). At least Terry had said "I Love You," at least Albert "pretended" to be free, but William, William won't even open his mouth, what for? his words won't have consequences, "Susanna" always omnipresent, is there to stop him. This "susanna" is not just any woman, a woman would have been easier to endure, this "susanna" is even worse, this "susanna" is "He", is his "PERSON" & everything IT stands for ... to be "SIR WILLIAM A. ARDLEY"

... And when you realize how hopeless you were, Candy, what did you do next? sought comfort in a "DEATH ONE", you wrote a letter to Anthony ... this wonderful letter (pure poetry, full of symbolism) I'll forgive myself everything (my background) ... I won't judge myself (social class) ... give me strength, care for me ...., Anthony be my guardian angel ... saying goodbye in this letter to three loves ... the pain of having lost Anthony, the pain of having lost Terry, the pain of having lost Albert ... Burying the past and looking in hope to the future ... until the sweet Candy flourish once more.

Mizuki, did it again! under a narrative prespective, Anthony's letter is key to "William's good-bye" and in the context of the epilogue is "full stop" to him or any chance of having a relationship.

Years went by ...meditation/reflection ... But then ... Who is Anohito?

The clue is still in Anthony's letter ... The "other two" had failed ... and your Anthony, in the event you were still alive, would you also have failed? ... "Who knows what kind of man would you have become if you were still alive?" ... a grownup Anthony?... a man in love, stable, with time for Candy, who can offer her a future, strong but also kind personality, physically attractive, well dressed, smart, educated, polite, probably with a liberal profession and a hobby in nature ....

but ... but we know this is a paradox, impossible ... Oh ... Mizuki so much pain ... Anthony is dead and the other "possibility" that could come "closer" to him (in physical appearance and personality) ... doesn't exist!

HE CANNOT EXIST! NO! ..unless Mizuki, "kills" the''susanna" that is left. The man tied to legacy, to honor the name, the responsibilities, the commitments, the social class, constantly under pressure & controlled always traveling, and .. and there is nothing in the novel that tells me this is going to be any different, Sir William A. Ardley spent half of his life between his Chicago's office and Lakewood ..and Lakewood ... Ardley's manor house ...Ardley's manor house, is now sold to other hands? "sold? now? This is relatively recent, is part of the immediate present and is how Candy started to remember ... But why will Sir William do something like that? Why to sell it? Businesses are going wrong? have someone repossessed his property? Poor Sir William, something terrible must have happened, he would never get rid of the house at his own will, the house is part of the legacy like the tradition, ... like the responsibilities  .. like ... is like ... telling me ... "Susanna" has died ...

There is nothing that restrains Candy from starting a new life next to a man she is discovering, a man in love, that I can imagine, a “grownup Anthony... probably he has kept Ardley as his surname, but maybe now he is called Bill, or Wills, or Al, or Bert, or perhpas his real name is indeed Anohito ... Maybe he is a lawyer, or a journalist, or perhaps a vet ... Maybe he has shaved his head, or he has gray hair or even a mustache ... But is still him, with those wonderful eyes, that amazing smile and those strong protective arms.

In short, in the present, Candy lives with a man she loves .. (Perhaps Terry? Probably Anohito Ardley? I dismiss Archie? I doubt is George? I can not imagine is Michael? I hope isn’t Tom? I wouldn’t bet on Niel? .. Stear is eliminated? And I refuse to believe that Candy has a ghostly relationship with Anthony ?-)... but whoever THAT PERSON = ANOHITO" is the one who helped Candy to find true happiness" ...

Dedicate it  to my children, and specially to my husband "for letting me to waste time"  


  1. Thanks for writing this: I have been watching Candy Candy while exercising (weird of me, I know), and I really wanted to know more about her "fate" in the last novel: just like a dear friend: I wanted to make sure she was doing OK.
    As much as I love Terry, I do like the thesis that she ends up living with Albert.

    1. It´s not weird, I´m not hungry when I watch Candy. Also I almost finish the whole series in 8 days. It´s just to good to not watch.

  2. But.. let's say the great recession made Albert and the Ardley Family lost his fortune... then why are they both living in London in the middle of the great recession or after wards?
    Also I think that we don't see Candy's answering letter to Terry because that one is already sent or probably she just met him in person. Remember, this is a character's point of view book. We only get to see the letters she has.
    I might say that Candy is living with Terry because:
    If it's the great recession, and if Terry and Candy are an item, it would be easier to travel to England to live together there, work and make a living. As they did planned the first time Terry and Candy tried to live together as a couple but Susana's accident came up.
    I don't think Albert & Candy (as a couple), would live in England. There's simply too much anecdotes in America for both of them to move overseas. There's simply no point in the middle of a big recession while Albert is losing all the Family's money. Also, moving there would be very expensive.

    As for Candy & Terry, all their love bloomed in England. He has the English nationality but also too many memories tied them to that country, and with many reasons to live there even if it is just for a while, even just for working reasons.
    I think they're living in England just for the moment, probably because of Terry's acting career, but with plans to go back to America. Hence the letters to Miss Pony and Sister Mary, and Albert. And all the nostalgia she feels reading all her letters and her past life.
    And believe me I also think Albert and Candy were kind of falling for each other either the manga or the Anime.. but alas, I think the writer is too messed up because of the copyright issues, the ending that traumatized gazillions of young girls around the world, through years.. wasn't gratifying or redemptional at all... hence she wanted kind of make up a little... I think she doesn't reveal the true ending because of fears somebody might do the same or the same manga drawer might finish the manga in other country LOL (just thinking) Remember that for years she had a lot of issues with Candy.
    I don't think is fair to do this kind of books that you don't add anything clear to the story. It's just not fair to leave the ending like this. More drama and trauma to Candy's loyal fans.

    1. It´s Terry because Albert isn´t to messed up to betray Terry or make Candy forget of someone that she loved, and if he was then why didn´t he do the same thing with Anthony?

  3. Very interesting insight. You may very well solve Mizuki's puzzle. Bravo!
    Let's add one important historical fact to this, i.e the Great Depression. Great Depression occurred in the 1930s era, and how old would Candy be during that time? Well she would be in her 30s. Could the Ardley's fortune be affected after the Wall Street crash? Definitely.
    And our very own Sir William A. Ardley could very well fall into the pit of depression himself. And only the ever optimistic, cheery, bubbly emerald eyed nurse-angel could help him out of that pit. Yup... that would be the happily ever after Mizuki's version.

    1. ONLY TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. As far as i read in the novel, anohito is Terry. I'm convinsed about that. Still, your analisis, was excelent and i can clerly see your point. I think Mizuki did a great job,in keeping all her fans happy and your post, helped me realise it. Thank you, very much.

    1. About the into arms thing, Terry also carried Candy in his arms when she fell after thinking that Terry was Anthony soooooooooo. And by the way Terry also drives, not only Albert.

  5. Thanks, so glad to know that Candy ends up with Albert as it should be.

  6. Great job! I can hardly imagine how you got to that using only small translated parts of the novel but really it seems to be genius!

    And most interesting moment is that both "Susannas" are dead. So something that seems to be an evident message to the reader pointing out who has more chances to get to the finish appears in both love stories - Terry's and Albert's. Its really a cycle without an evident way out. Moreover, as i understood from Mizuki's interview - she doesnt want any named Anohito to appear in the story, as Anohito is not the main character, his presence is just a fact, an alive confirmation of the happiness of our dear Candy. Candy herself, her outstanding personality - that is the only thing that really matters. And her happiness in marriage matters as one more fact that caracterises her natural evolution.

    I'm afraid neither fans of Terry not fans of Albert will ever sleep good...or they should all have good dreams))

  7. Anohito's identity was always clear for Mizuki. You just have to listen to the songs based on her poems. When Anohito is mentioned it is always related to "The prince of Pony Hill". So finally, she is happy with the prince. That's the future she expected, that's fate.
    There's no doubt for me either.

    However, I'am realizing I didn't like the end Mizuki presents in CCFS. Just as I didn't like the anime's final episode.
    1.- Mizuki doesn't stress on the fact that revealing both secret identities must have been very confusing for Candy. I can't picture myself knowing someone for so long and then discovering he is another person. Candy was very transparent, so this must have been shocking.

    2.- At the end we finally get to know William. He was already in love with Candy twice. As the Prince of Pony Hill and as amnesic Albert. And I'm sorry, but if he doesn't have the courage to fight for his love, I think he is not the person we thought. In this scenario, Anthony was more brave. He always said what he thought and he confronted Aunt Elroy several times to defend Candy. (By the way, in your analysis of the 2nd Susana, I believe she is represented by Aunt Elroy).

    I know neither Mizuki nor us could have changed history, and that the historical context in this novel is clear. However, I would have liked a much more strong and convicted William. Willing to oppose to anyone for love. Besides, there is something that I can't fully understand. William adopted Candy, even when he was younger and against the family's opposition. Why could't he have married her know that he is fully aware of his love?
    Being the patriarch, couldn't he have stand up for what we really wanted? It doesn't make sense to me.

    Last, by inference we understand that in CCFS he finally is with Candy after he went bankrupt and he might be recovering from a heart attack. I find that terrible!!! In that case, wouldn't it had been better for Candy to stay alone? At least she proof herself to overcome every adversity. Now, why be with someone that didn't had the courage to fight for her.

    In my case, I'll stay with the manga's ending. It is more what Mizuki pictured the first time she wrote the story. Candy ended up with the prince of pony hill. Love determined by fate. And if it happend to be Albert or William, who cares. She met her future (recalling the anime's final song).

    We don't have to forget that Candy was written for a manga format. It is a love story for teenagers. I would leave it that way.
    If we try to picture this story as a novel, we would find the same difficulties that Mizuki had. In a real scenario, lot's of other things could have happened. Candy could have met someone else after all. Or Albert and she could have ended being lovers. Why not, they were very liberal. The could have ended living in secret. Or she could have followed Stear's steps and volunteer as a nurse before war ended (All those ideas have been expressed in fanfics).

    I think we should leave the open end. That way everyone is free to have the own ending.

    My ending? I picture them getting married against the society's opposition. Living in Lakewood with many kids. And he traspasing his boring responsabilities to Archie, now that he got married with Annie and finished his graduate studies.

    1. complete agree with, i just read different version of CCFS and all end it the she will be with Albert whom been stay by her said always :) I can wait to see the original translation in English!! ;)

  8. The article and the comments are all very interesting, thank you!
    For me, I'm a bit dissapointed that the author decided not to take her responsibility for the ending (for the second time already) and to leave it open - what's the point of making FINAL story then? To show the readers that Candy is finaly married, happy? But as I see it such ending does not too much differ from the first one - Candy will be happy no matter what because of her life-loving personality and positive attitude towards life and people. The same for the final ending, the only difference is that is married now. I don't see the point of doing so for the second (final) time.
    It would be so interesting for me to have a chance to listen/watch/read what the author thinks. The most interesting thing (impossible though) would be to read her own analysis of the novel, whith all those clues, secret messages and signs that she was trying to make and what they realy mean. I'm afraid that much is lost in translation, taking into account that Japanese culture, traditions, perception and attitude to people's relations and world is quite different from Europe.

    1. Totally agree, why does´nt she just say who Anohito is, and if not what was the point to make the final version? But I´m still glad that she is happy now, but curiosity is also killing me because i don´t know how he is. I know that I should leave it how it is but I can´t because I´m a Terryfan and that he still wrote her is a detail that you just cant miss.

  9. Well, you might be right in your analysis as I also get the impression that from the origins of the story that was the author's plan; however, I wonder why to bother to disturb everything again just to make more money from her new book. As well, I think if THE OTHER SUSANA was more important to Albert than his love for Candy?. I would have thought that they would become an item from the moment she finds out he is the darling Prince or at least to have a quick courtship, then get married and have kids, and of course not to take "so many years" for their relationship to develop. Well, I can only conclude that it was only Terry who really loved Candy to leave all material things for her with the exception of the "real susana", but that could be understood in a certain manner. If the OTHER SUSANA was the reason for Albert and Candy not to be together all those years, then that was not real love.

  10. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    When I read this I connect all the dots and watch Tv series and read all the manga Terry is not Anohito I think I knw why she didn't reveals the name she plays like we need to discover the true indenting of the super herei knw I understand why all the rescue the figth with the lion and the amnesia of Albert the green eyes of candy who look just like Albert sister or mother just tell me is the novel about the true identifi of Albert I figure this only watching the three together and go back when Candy was child I mean the la dama el príncipe y los dos caballeros

  11. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    Obviously Albert.
    The author wrote/created Candy gives the end a continue for the beginning.
    'We' would love to end up with a macho rough gentle handsome man like Terry as our prince.
    But from the beginning until the end, Candy's prince is only Albert.
    Also Albert loves 'Sweetcandy' roses as much as her.
    And Candy's last letters for Albert, saying how happy and excited to wait for him to come home and open the door because she knows Albert will be there.
    Too obvious....

  12. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    Love is not really proclamations...
    It's the gestures.
    Albert does that a lot, no love declarations as dramatic as Terry or as amazing as Anthony.
    He simply says Candy is a lot lovelier smiling than crying (he's happy when she is smiling) and just be there for her from her child age until ends of manga.
    They lived together not married during his amnesiac days.
    Perhaps they used living together withput having to be properly wedded.

  13. Anohito is of course Terry!!!! Why? Because, Candy said (capitulo 111): "I always love you, Terry..." Their loves are very very big.

    1. Also if they never ended being married then their hearts will always be connected is some way no matter what.

  14. Ben Türk'üm. Anohito kesinlikle Terry. adresine bakın. Orada roman özetleri var. "Kitaplar"="Candy Candy Books" . There are "Roman Özetleri-1-2-3-4-5-6-7" Pek çok bilgi edinebiliyoruz. Terry'nin favori çiçeği nedir? Nergis! Kitapta Candy & Terry aşkı nergislerle bağdaştırılmış. İlk tanışmaları; nergisler tomurcuk... Candy sınıfta, burnuna nergis kokuları geliyor... Candy nergislere takılıp Terry'nin üzerine düşüyor. Kitapta 'nergis' ifadesi sürekli kullanılıyor. Ve Candy'nin evinde hangi çiçek var? NERGİS! Evet! Yine Candy Candy Final Story'de, yaz okulundaki şömine sahnesi... Terry'nin malikanesinde cilt cilt, boydan boya Sekspir kitapları... Değil mi? Candy'ye evlilik hediyesi olarak mavi kurdeleli bir mücevher kutusu verilmiş. Bu kutu, nesilden nesile aktarılan bir kutuymuş. Aile yadigarı yani... Kim vermiş olabilir; Terry veya Albert? Terry, Dük'ün oğlu. Soyu çok çok eskilere dayanmış bir aile. 'Dük' lakabı alabilmek için kraliyet ailesiyle direkt kan bağı olması; veya savaşta çok çok çok büyük bir yarar sağlamış olması gerekir. Yani mücevher kutusunu, aile yadigarı olduğu için Terry vermiş olabilir. Peki Albert??? Yanlış! Albert, bir mektubunda Candy'ye 'Adley'lerden bahsediyor: "Biz fakir bir aileydik. Mal varlığımız yoktu." Albert'in babası, Amerika'ya geldikten sonra şans eseri mal varlığı yapmış. Yani aile yadigarı bir 'mücevher' kutusunun Adley'lerde bulunması İMKANSIZ!!

    If you want read it, you should use "Google Translation." And, look at it:

    Anohito is Terry!! ;)

    1. You got the facts straight!!

  15. The most important thing is Candy is happily married. No matter who she is married to, either Terry or Albert, I am happy for her. The key is she is happy. But very obviously, the Anohito is Albert.

    1. I personaly think think it´s Terry because now that Susana is not there to bother they can express their feelings.

  16. Could it be a "reverse harem effect"? Maybe Susanna's death, at the end of the first book, symbolizes a crossroads: and the second book, with its ambiguos ending, shows us the two possibilities. Or maybe... three? Anohito could be neither Terry nor Albert... but I tend to exclude it. I thought Anohito was Terry, but here in the comments I just read that in the songs' lyrics Anohito is the Prince, so he must be Albert. Perhaps he gave almost all the Aldreys' wealth and business in the hands of the old hag (his sister) or someone else and went abroad with Candy, and they live freely and comfortably away from bad gossips. Kyoko Mizuki is a troll anyway. XD Saludos desde Italia, nos amamos Candy incluso ahora! (by Mokuren Kiryu)

  17. I just want to give you a big eye opener, Mizuki/nagita NEVER wrote either a poem or the lyrics mentioning the prince of the hill. PERIOD.
    Do your search: Anothito is TERRY...

    1. She wrote ashita ga suki that was meant to be a poem but ended up being a song. And have some respect for someone who put lot of effort into something like this if u are civilized then show it!

    2. She said PRINCE but not PRINCE OF TH HILL and also Terry´s love for Candy is infinite no matter what. And I forgot, is Candy could wait all the time she did for Terry then she could have definitely waited for him a little longer if she actually loved him. Your prob saying that there is a difference of waiting like 2 years and 15 but there is no limit for love.

  18. AnonymousMay 03, 2014

    Please Mizuki/Nagita publish again abaut candy story, I really missed her...I want candy happier with her love...even albert or terry...

  19. I think anohito is terry. I haven't read the novel but in the series candy pictures them living together and cooking breakfast for him and wishing him good luck at work and she says "one day it'll be like that" and then also while terry is carrying Susanna back to her room in the hospital when she was about to commit suicide he says to himself "this is very heavy on me (Susanna) one day I'll get rid of it" and after her death there is nothing to stop him or candy . They also mention a couple times how strong their love is and how nothing can break it apart so I think he is anohito. I just hope that mizuki translates the books soon.

  20. I think it's pathetic to wait to Susanna to die in order to marry Terry. He's not the only man in the world and from the books it seems all young men Candy knows fall in love with her. In addition, how would one know Susanna will die young (inspiration for another novel: maybe she's killed by Terry in order to get Candy back :) Regardless, I think it's ashamed that the author writes another so called final story that's not really final. She shouldn't bother to do so and we shouldn't bother to read it. It's an open end: Candy could marry someone new that we don't know. It can be anything/anyone. But to me, the anohito is Albert. In manga, he's the symbol of someone who is stable, gentle, loving and trouble solvers for Candy.

    1. Dear Learn Chinese Online I think you don´t know but it´s called love, and f you really loved someone them you could wait for them for eternity, so that is your answer to that one.

  21. Thank you very much for this big effort! Great summary and review, thanks again. Most people in our lives won't understand why we're still clinging to our childhood memories of joy, suspense and the frustration we all lived with Candy Candy anime. I saw the anime when I was 11 years old and new the importance of the Prince of Pony's hill. He was the force that made Candy leave Pony's home, stay with the Leagans and eventually be adopted by the Ardleys. She wanted to see her prince again, and even when she was in love with Anthony and later with Terry, she still wanted to see the prince again. Then Albert got amnesia and they depended on each other emotionally. Candy wanted to take care of him because she realized he was important to her, and Albert fell in love with her because he always loved her since he met her on pony's hill, then under Candy care he realized his love was romantic love, but decided to keep it secret because she and Terry were boyfriend and girlfriend and were going to meet each other soon. Then Susana appear in their lives and eventually cause their separation.
    If you all remember when Albert met Terry in a bar. Terry was completely drunk and desperate. Once Terry was sober Albert asked Terry: Terry, are you going to see Candy? then Terry had the opportunity to pursue his love for Candy and move on, but seeing her strength, her courage and her sacrifice he decided to go back to Susana and keep his promise of marriage. Around that time Albert had recovered his memory. He realized that he was Candy's protector and now he had all that information about Candy's love life including the fact that her first love was him, the prince of the hill! After Candy learned the truth about Albert's identity she came to understand a lot of things that she didn't know. She understood why Albert didn't claim responsibility for beating Neal when he tried to give Castor oil to the horses, why Albert would avoid to meet Anthony, Archie and Stear when they were in Lakewood. And it was obvious to me that Albert stayed as closed to Candy while he sought a solution to all the obstacles his position could cause them. Candy thought she was adopted by Uncle William, but William's identity was a secret because of his young age. Therefore Albert order Aunt Elroy to adopt Candy for him. Candy was legally adopted by Aunt Elroy not by William Albert Ardley since they couldn't allow Albert to appear in person to sign the adoption documents. I agree that after Susana, the next obstacle in Candy's life was the Albert's social status and his position for being the last Ardly male and therefore responsible for the family welfare and future. Aunt Elroy was so upset with Candy's rebellion of living out of wedlock with homeless guy with no memory or future, and for rejecting the Ardly's last name, that she wanted to disown Candy and cancel her adoption; but in spite of being stric and old fashion, aunt Elroy also had a soft spot in her heart. I consider that when she leaned that Albert was alive and well thanks to Candy, that she put her reputation and job on the line in order to protect Albert, I am sure aunt Elroy had to reconsider her feelings for Candy.


  22. It is possible that the Ardleys lost a lot of money and position with the great depression of 1929, but either way he would always be William Albert Ardley and even if they loss a lot of money the Ardley's had a huge fortune and properties in Europe and America; but I think that last obstacle disappeared if aunt Elroy would reveal that she is Candy's adoptive mother, that way Albert would not be marrying a Ms. nobody, an orphan, but the daughter of Elroy Ardley, the daughter of of the most important woman in Chicago and therefore a good match for Albert.
    Albert is Anohito, and there were a lot of clues telling us that Albert was Candy's destiny. Just before his death Anthony realized who was the prince of the hill, Candy risk her job, her reputation and even her life when she went to look for Albert when he left the hospital, in spite of loving Terry, Candy gave him up too easily, it was easier for her to give up Terry than giving up Albert, and when Albert their left their apartment she looked for him, ran after him, and was destroyed for his absence. Also when she met Albert at the Ardley's home in Lakewood, she thought that he entered without permission and she was thinking about hiding him, and that's when he told her that he was William Albert Ardley. Candy was in shock because she understood everything at that time. She understood why Albert would be in Ardley property disguised as a homeless guy, why he would disappear every time that Candy wanted to introduce him to her friends, why aunt Elroy was so sick and nervous while Albert had amnesia, and she understood that more than her friend he was her protector. The man who changed her life, the one who saved her from being sent to Mexico to work in a farm. It also made sense to me that Candy decided to become a nurse and Albert used to work as a doctor in Africa, the love both of them felt for nature, animals, their desire to help others, and then she found out that he was the prince of the hill. They were made for each other, they complemented each other and the fact that Albert revealed to her that he was the prince of the hill, let me know that he would fight for their love once he was sure Candy loved him too.

    In spite of the confusing end of the story, it's clear that Ms. Mizuki wanted to feed our imaginations and leave the end open to the person each of us considered the best match for Candy, but it is obvious that from the beginning Candy was the beautiful and cheerful girl that cherished everything and everyone even though she had nothing and she stole the heart of the most important man in the area, a man that challenge his family in order to adopt her and protect her, a man that fought a lion to save her, a man that sacrificed himself hoping that she and Terry would be happy.​
    Albert and Candy just needed each other to be happy and to recover from a life of loss and loneliness. :-)

    1. I totally agree with your analysis. Although I really like Terry, and no matter how much Candy loved Terry; but Albert is definitely the one for Candy. His love for Candy is unconditional, the same thing with Candy's feeling for Albert. Although perhaps at first Candy didn't realize that she loved Albert, given that he was a bearded homeless guy who's much older than her. But when he got amnesia, when she finally saw Albert's real face, and how they lived together and cared to each other. That's how their love grows. When Albert appeared in the public to cancel Candy's engagement with Neil already proved that Albert fought for her. And when he revealed to her that he was the prince on the hill, he was expressing his love for her.

      I personally think that perhaps it's not that the Ardley went bankrupt or declined in their business. But then Albert had adopted Candy as his daughter. To marry Candy, his adopted daughter was a big taboo in society regardless actually they had no family/blood ties. Moving to England, was the only way for them to start a new beginning.

  23. Thanks to Lady Gato, Anneth White (and Anonymous LadyGato and Anneth White again) for spamming the comments with your "video". I have to say it is very bad quality and almost impossible to see/understand anything... But I did look up... so Terry is ano hito in the 1977 poem:

    Now, do you understand what Japanese Kanji is? - the Japanese Kanji is an evolution from the Chinese - but they are base on the same principal - a logographic, similar to glyphs (figures/signs) – if you are not Japanese native it is extremely difficult to understand (therefore Japanese can also be written in hiragana and katakana), yet Mizuki chooses to write with “glyphs” to keep her messages for the Japanese.

    ano hito – the famous ano hito in CCFS in kanji is as this あの人(ano hito/that person)
    person/human in japanese kanji only corresponds to this han character/graphic 人 (kind of a matchstick man). From this person symbol/kanji/han caracter (chinesse) derivates other as the following
    人 a person
    小 represents a person with lowered arms implying small in size.
    尢 a man with bent legs with the meaning of weak.
    大 a person with arms stretched out as far as possible, implying the meaning of big/great/large.
    文 a man with arms outstretched and a crest or tattoo on his chest denoting culture or language
    夭 a man with arms outstretched and leaning to side (running), denoting youth.
    天 a man with a large head, an anthropomorphic representation of heaven.
    you could say then that the character 人 person works as a root to form other symbols

    now in the poem (which you actually underline is written)
    あたし すぐに
    あのひと(テリィ) だと
    I quickly found
    He is anohito (Terry),

    this is suppose to be the ano hito あのひと part
    in Japanese kanji here it does not say “this person” no even person, the kanji used is ひ- meaning face. the real translation is “ who (face) is? (terry)

    Now to clarify your confusion; it is true that ひと in japanese hiragana this means person. for real. But what you are doing is mixing different Japanese types of writing to your own convenients.. Like this

    T-3 rry (did I write Terry or T-three rry?) or if a write An @ hito (does it say ano hito or An at hito?)
    Mizuki is an expert, she is extraordinary with kanji... don’t even try!!!, she does not make mistakes, she does not mix her own language or script (that would be a vulgarity or a spelling mistake) , please leave Japanese to the Japanese people otherwise you would look like a fool.

    1. Thanks, I do agree. Terry ist Anohito. I believe she has a another book to publish, she has already advertised is ihr book ccfs. It's her diary...

  24. Attention! there is no trolls feeding here;

    But due to the highly demand, we had no choice but to dedicate a post especially for this, please go ahead with your trolling on

    thanks for your cooperation!

  25. AnonymousJuly 24, 2015

    Hi Bequi!

    I've read your first analysis of who Anohito is almost two years ago ( which since then, my youth's obsession for Candy Candy has resurrected). And last week, I've just read your new theory.

    I admire your broad knowledge, Bequi. Kudos to you. Well, I have disagreements with your analysis, but doesn't matter since seemingly we share similar opinion about who Anohito is. ( I assume what you put on the very last page of your newest analysis is the hint.)

    I only want to point one issue here regarding this old article of yours. About the supposedly "Terry's Love Note", saying he's never changed.
    From the way I see that short note, I'm sure it's written 1.5 years after the breakup, not 1.5 years after Susanna's death. You just see what Terry said there.

    "Candy ... how are you doing? It's been a year. I have decided to get in touch with you after a year ......."

    It seems that Terry is pretty sure Candy knows what event he's talking about. A year since what? Susanna's death? I don't think Terry would be that sure Candy know ( or even care) that Susanna has died. It's many years passed since NYC event. So, I conclude Terry is talking about their breakup. It's been a year since that snowy night in NY.

    I know this issue won't change our conclusion of who Anohito is. However, for me it makes the whole chronology even more sensible and logical.

    And more, the more I understand the content of CCFS and its timeline, the more I doubt what Terry means by "I've never changed" is he's still very much in love with Candy. IF it's indeed a year after NY incident, then the six months he spent on wavering to write her is probably the time he spent on the street, the time he's leaving Stratford and making a living from acting in a poor theatre, ... in Rockstown. He thought he saw Candy in that tent, looking sad on him. He has failed her. It's not Terry who was so passionate talking about plays and acting with Candy in that summer day in Scotland. That being said, I think he thus writes that short note to Candy sometime after he's back to Stratford. Telling her it's been a year and a half and he's not changed at all. That he's still the same Terry she knows.

    Oh well, what do you think? I know many will oppose my analysis. I'm just trying to see it the way Mizuki writes the novel.

    - R-

    1. I believe Mizuki's intention was that Candy end up with Albert. All the time. I don't think she ever changed her mind. But... why would Terry write Candy a letter like this 1,5 years after they break up? Sorry , it doesn't make any sense. I know that alfans embraced this theory but I can't agree. It seems they are trying to upset terryfans. Or they are upset because terryfans, either way this is going nowhere.

    2. Hi there ... :) I have no interest to make Terryfans upset by throwing the above issue to Bequi. & you know what, to me, the analysis we have about this letter coming 1.5 years after the break up DOES actually favour Terry in regard of his honour. Why, you say? Because, it makes sense if he still couldn't forget Candy 1.5 years after the break up. It makes sense that he somewhat still had hope that Candy hadn't had a new love after 1.5 years. On contrary, don't you think it's rather pathetic of him to write such letter 1.5 years after Susanna's death? What ... about 6-10 years after the break up then?

      I'm an avid Albert fan, but I never try to annoy/insult/upset Terry fans intentionally.

    3. SO TRUE THO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THAT MEANS IS THAT TERRY STILL LOVES CANDY!!!! TERRYFAN HERE

  26. AnonymousJune 25, 2016

    Maybe the author didn't write the name of Terry as Anohito because she wants to marry Candy and Albert (but she can't ). ADOPTION is IRREVOCABLE. Candy and Albert can't marry never. He is her adopted father and they incurr in incest if they had such relations. So, she had no option, Candy and Terry or maybe another guy, but not Albert.

    1. hmmm, true but this Candy Candy manga/anime goes back in the 1980's, and I dont even think increst was considered a thing back then. Besides adoption is honestly paper-only. Idk if you would agree but that's my opinion anyway.

  27. Adoption is on paper only.

    1. Marriage too. He cannot marry his daughter.

  28. “We will meet again someday. As long as we are alive.” The love between Candy and Terry will never been stopped as long as they are alive. They belong to each other. Terry is anohito.

    1. i also said that and it is true Albert never rejected Candy as his adoptive daughter and i have to admit i was a bit happy that Susanna died, she was just interfering, but don´t get me in the wrong way it´s sad and all but it is what it is.

  29. Adoption may only be papers but i think that if Albert really loved Candy and was Terry´s friend he would have let them love each other and not interfere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I think that since Mizuki didn´t give much information about Susanna´s death then we are free to choose how she would die. We can make the story either more mysterious, sad or even to make us think that it could have been suicide from Susanna´s part to represent her regret to Candy and Terry for interfering, but no answer is wrong or correct.

  31. But maybe Anohito is a completely different person, he could be someone that she met along the way and was a mixture of a 3 and she fell in love at first site.But nothing is sure, and maybe that was the point, to leave loose end so the fans can tie them up. Or maybe she wanted to hear from us to pick who would be Anohito. All we have left to do is either gather up clues, just wait or let our imagination guide us along the way.

  32. It is Terry because the people that Candy ave fallen in love with have a flower EX: Anthony = Rose Terry = Daffodils, since Albert does´t have one Candy never fell in love with him and never will.

  33. I feel bad for Patty =(

  34. Itis Albert for sure . Because anime ended up with him.Anohito is mysterious man and Albert has always been a mysterious man.I can't see where is the problem of being a patriarch and get marry to Candy bevause he is the Head of the family whatever he says , he decides it's gonna happen..
    I don't know if he lost his wealth during the grea depression but while Candy was in London for her studies , she went there to make new bussiness.
    If Terry was Anohito she would have answer to him and she wouldn't say to Albert that he is her happiness.
    Why Albert told her that he is the prince on the hill , and chose to do that on the hill if was not interested for her? It doesn't make sense.He knew that POTH was Candy's first crash..
    She writes to Anthony that thanks to Terry learnt that love has several forms and that there are things once are lost ,we can't find anymore.That goes to Terry.He belongs to the past.REMEMBER HOW ANIME ENDS she says goodbye to Terry while saying to the dead Antony and Stear.
    And then she i happy that he return to the theater and he returns to Susana .