Monday 23 April 2012

Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest

Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest:

interesting mix-mach of images, candy for the eye

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Thursday 19 April 2012

BBC Mundo - Últimas Noticias - Indignación en España por el rey que caza elefantes en plena crisis

yo es que aun pensaba que esto solo era photoshop y que los de la tercera república se habian pasado un poco con la broma... pero que va, si es que no necesitan inventarse nada... que si la acomplejada de la leti y sus operaciones plásticas, que si el chorizo del urdangarín y la me-lo-paso-todo-por-el-forro de su mujer, el chocho-Corina y el mamón-borbón cazando elefantes en Botsuana.. es que no tienen desperdicio ... pero que pandeja de subnormales los de la casita real de la pradera esa que esta en la España... para cuando la tercera república? - aunque luego nos saldra uno como Christian Wulff 

BBC Mundo - Últimas Noticias - Indignación en España por el rey que caza elefantes en plena crisis:

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Monday 2 April 2012

Jeremy Rifkin on global issues and the future of our planet

There is hardly anything I need to add of what he says - this is hitting the nail on the head - perhaps my only criticism is that he doesn't tell us (to the ground citizens) how to organize ourselves... Yes i have a PC, Yes I have a garden, Yes the sun and the wind hits everyday... but yet all his solutions require an organize "GOVERNMENT", that in itself I fear would bring "business, promoters, traders, speculators..." and we'll end up in not much different position to the one we are right now "MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND"

A few weeks back (22nd of March) was World-Water-Day, and every news channel underline how (individual humans) have to stop, think and reflect before using your running water at home, we should all understand how much is wasted  in simple everyday things (in bath, in cleaning, in toilet flush, brushing teeth...) yet no one single tv channel addressed how the millions of gallons of water are wasted by the industry (Mining, Chemical or Oil)... Plenty of speculator are exploiting minerals (that still have no clear use, because they don't know what to do with them), but yet governments, multinationals and companies are extracting these very same component from the earth "just in case" we might need them in a late stage (spoiling in the meantime clean sources; off course water, but also earth, air)...