Tuesday 2 March 2010


To start painting again
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Saturday 16 January 2010

Great ad by Ogilvy for Ford Germany

Today I came across this ad (done by Ogilvy for Ford - I think for the European market). I am not sure if the idea was done before (as I read it on a forum) or if this is an original ad, but the final result is in my opinion fantastic it makes me laugh and think - whether new or old is a great idea i just love the simplicity and the message.. which brings me back to a more unhappy -sad though, today I saw lady GAGA interview on Oprah, where she talk about her "art & inspiration" it wasn't until she had to explain the "meaning of her design-outfits " that i realized that art; any form of art (graphic, video, painting, fashion, sculpture ..) that doesn't connect immediately with the viewer (content/context) this art has failed, any artist trying to explain the meaning of its piece is a flop. This will be like a comedian telling a joke and then trying to explaining the audience "the joke".. you get it? do you get it? ... yes we get it...