Thursday 31 May 2012

Candy Candy full colour manga - KOREAN version -

The manga books finally arrived on Friday 11th of May -

pretty fast considering my husband order them on Wednesday 2nd of May.
We bought them from (but the invoice is from
The (6) books cost $96 (so this is in dollars)
The shipping from USA (Los Angeles,USA to Eindhoven, NL) was $22
This made a total of $118 (i am not sure if there are any credit-card cost)

When the books arrived at the customs house in Amsterdam - they were taxed (giving the box a value of 110 euros = this should be the equivalent of the previous  $118) but over this value of 110 euros they charged;

  • 6.60 euros taxes
  • and 12.50 euros administrative cost (???)
  • (plus 1 euro FORCED tip because delivery guy didn't have change with him)

- The total amount we pay came up to 130 euros and 10 cents.

(my husband packed and wrapped them nicely for me (with leftovers Xmas-paper) - This was his present to me on Mother's day (this year felt on Sunday 13th of May)

I open them... This most be one of my favorites scenes ...  then my kids start opening and moving the pages too... so I panicked 

... and stored them away, nice and safe in a book-shelf. I hardly have time to see the books or enjoy them fully - I have to wait for the kids to be away or asleep ... (well I said this was a "MOTHER'S PRESENT", didn't I?)

There are six book (or volumes), is a handy size, hard covers - covers are in
B&W - but the cover's sleeves are in full colour), they are slightly smaller than a A5 or;
  • Height - 19cm or 7 1/2 inches
  • Width - 13 cm or 5 inches-  (total width or spread - 28cm or 11 inches)
  • Thickness/spine - 2cm or about 1 inch
They also come in a handy box case, to store them away easily 


  1. Bequi, that's seems nice!
    I would like to read your opinion about the colors - didn't they dissapoint you? is it not worse than not colored version?

  2. No, the colors didn't disappoint me at all, but is true that some times I have the feeling they rush a bit with the colour work (like in some pages you still see some dust or dirt from the original B&W manga/as if they wouldn't clean the areas well (in the original manga you'll have black, white and some grays - in this version you can notices that they painted over the original B&W artwork - some times you will see a gray dust below the colour. Other i pass the page and go WOW (it cannot get any better than this)

    What disappoint me a bit it was the fact that they didn't keep the original margins, I knew before hand this was a small version, but i wasn't expecting cropping in the images (specially if you compared with an large size manga) also unfortunately a handful of spreads/pages are missing from this version. - I would still recommend it to any Candy Candy lover

    ... But the really really really bad thing is that I don't understand Korean ;(

  3. Hola Bequi!

    Pues lista para comprarme mi colección, aunque coreana, pero quisiera preguntarte algo. Hay una edición que venden en ladyHillary que cuesta casi 300 dlls. Es la misma que la que tú tienes? investigaste varias ediciones antes o solamente esta? muchos saludos! y gracias de antemano por la respuesta :-) Ana

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