Wednesday 18 January 2012


On January 18th my site will strike as a protest for the internet censorship that the USA (Senate & House) want to impose in the USA citizens in the forms of PIPA & SOPA legislation. I am not North-American, but I support the initiative that free citizens and most Internet companies follow with this strike.

I am personally repulsed by Geo-location (amount of crap - that Google made-up to tag me to a Location & customize-sell-me-ads) = if I only wanted to shop in my country/community I wouldn't be using the internet. If I only wanted to watch videos of my country - I only need to watch my local TV. If I wanted to chat only to my community, I would be talking to my neighbor. and if i wanted to search locally (I would be using the local library & the yellow pages).

Internet has no borders, Internet has no jurisdiction, Internet is the wide world talking, sharing, meeting, thinking, loving, marching, striking, doing

SOPA STRIKE - Largest online protest in history - January 18 - blackout your site: