Saturday 12 November 2011

packing away the restored Baby Pram

This is a sad goodbye, well in reality is more "until I see you again"...we finally dissemblance the beautiful baby Pram (that my parents in law restored when Raquel was born in 2009 - we used two years later for Erik, but now both are way to big to sleep inside the carriage (even when this was originally two sits scrolled baby pram, we used or it was restored as a "baby crib")

It never left our bedroom, even when I felt tempted in more than one occasion to take it outside for a walk. I think my parent's in law did an amazing job, the red circle shows what is left of the old carriage (it also had the year and the maker’s name -But unfortunately we through that away, they only keep the structure - the old iron frame, and they made a new wooden body with fresh lining.


The carriage was (is) so beautiful - I felt so sad to have to pack it away to hide it in the attic ... for ... until... when is need again - probably in 20 years or so... by that time I will be the GRANDMOTHER!!!

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