Wednesday 6 June 2012

Bye bye sunglasses... Hello beauties

Bye bye sunglasses... :-( 

I know, I know... they are very old and they have an odd shape; but they were so comfy, ligthwear - I hardly noticed I have them on.

They are probably 12 years old (I bought them meanwhile I was still a student in Dublin) I don't know I might be able to make 2 "monoculars" 

Hello beauties... :-)

A big thanks to my little daughter for this (otherwise unnecessary) present

‎264 euros, this is what it cost me to leave my old sunglasses unattended for a few minutes at the reach of her "innocents" hands. On the good side my left eye dropped 0.5 dioptre, so i guess it was also time to get my eyes tested. 

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