Monday 9 July 2012


I am in love...

this is what i have found, it is for sale only 20 euros, i am so tempt to buy it, but what am i going to do with an antique spinning wheel?

all this started because we need a new (or better say an extra) pair of iron feet for the garden table. 

For the last 4 years we enjoyed a garden table made of an old iron treadle (singer sewing machine) and a slate top (pool table leftover), unfortunately the slate, due to extreme weather condition, gave in and started breaking in layers.

Last month we bought a new stone sheet of basalt (to replace the table's top) but this weights 130 kilos (the slate was only about 30 kilos), so we are afraid the iron treadle might not hold all the extra weight or the new table size (160cm by 90cm) and it might even tumble, here is the reason we decided to buy a new pair of iron legs to create a stronger garden table

this is what we are buying, it is 30 euros, the sewing machine (off course a Singer) is still in working conditions - i fell so bad, because we only need the iron stand and (as I've already have a working sewing machine) we are going to get rid of the rest  ... strange society we live in ...


  1. How much is your sewing machine?

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  2. I am sorry, the head is not for sale (at the moment) I gave it as a present to my mother (she has 6 old sewing machines heads now (ranging from 1930 till 1960)