Wednesday 4 December 2013

I had a break... I had a kitkat

or why have I downgraded from android kitkat to jellybean?

for a week my nexus10 tablet has been requested to upgrade android 4.3.x (jellybean) to android 4.4 (Kitkat)

in my search for bad reviews or glitches on the operating system I only came across to "An only slightly better Android" headline, so ...yesterday finally i accepted,  yes I did it!!! "I taste of the future" I've read.. all seemed so perfectly smooth... 

24 hours later here is why I am back in jellybean...

my mayor issue is the language option for multiple users. Bravo for the latest android operating systems that allows several users in a devise, but,  what's the point if with the update you cannot customize accounts?... with Jellybean I have two users accounts set in different languages (spanish & english), with kitkat I can have multiple users ALL IN THE SAME LANGUAGE)

my second mayor issue, i liked the pc layout keyboard. once i learned about it never used the standar default android keyword. ok, so what's with the update... no no no. i set the english pc keyboard again and again and again... everytime you turn off the device the preferences for the keyboard are lost... and i have to search and update the keyboard individually in each account... sorry but this is a terryble foult, at least to me... I notified android about this glitches, but in the meantime I wait for an update, I Know I won't have a break, eat a kitkat ... jelly anyone? 

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