Friday, 21 February 2014

少女 キャンディキャンディ

download Candy Candy original shojo (Japanese Kanji)
9 volumes in rar files (500 MB)


  1. Oh Dear! Thanks for the files. I already have the first 2 volumes and the two "final story" books in japanese. And now I can get the final volumes to practice the language without making such a huge expense (i'm nowhere near having a full understanding. but this story motivates me). I'll probably complete the collection once I finish my studies.

  2. Np, my pleasure: It took me a while to collect and pack the whole collection, indeed there are sites where you can download one or more volumes but I didn't find a place where I could download the full Japaneses manga version - so I uploaded all the volumes for anyone interested to download the whole manga at once.