Friday 3 June 2011


Españistán - playlis con subtítulos; (en ingles EN, francesFR, en aleman DE, italiano IT, y español ES)

Spainistan- Video with English subtitles (from the original "Españistán, de la Burbuja Inmobiliaria a la Crisis (por Aleix Saló)" Uploaded by aleixsalo on May 25, 2011)
(1) Españistan (Spain+istan) at 0:036:26 & 6:33 the author plays with the root Españ- (Spain) and the suffix -stan "place of" (perhaps from association with Afghanistan) to create a new word (or country) among the underdeveloped countries
(2) Aznar at 0:40 & at 1:38 born José María Alfredo Aznar López, former Prime Minister of Spain from 1996 to 2004. Political party; People's Party (Conservative)
(3) God of the Neoliberalism at 0:48 & Yuppy God at 1:40 refer to a set of economic policies that have become widespread during the last 25 years in the USA (now elsewhere) critics will argue that you can see the effects of neo-liberalism as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer
(4) Zapatero at 3:16 & at 5:37 born José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero - Incumbent Prime Minister of Spain since 2004 till 2012 (end of term) - Political party; Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Labour)
(5) Paco el Pocero at 3:35 born Francisco Hernando Contreras one of the richest men in Spain - made his fortune in construction & real estate. He is accused of corruption, several trials are pending.
(6) Waltz Disney at 3:54 based on the urban legend that Waltz Disney body is frozen & waiting for advances on technology will bring him back to life... actually this is false, but nowadays none cares and the expression "being frozen as Waltz Disney" is popular among Spanish-baby-boomers
(7) photo of Pedro Piqueras at 5:04 - he is a Spanish journalist & news anchor, he is well known for his expressions and often uses the adjective "Dantesque" in his comments (derivates from Dante Alighieri (La Divina Commedia) meaning something is nightmarish, awful, catastrophic
(8) Futuristic girl at 5:14 & at 6:14, this is a parody to a TV commercial (of a well known household bleach), the character is a young woman that can move freely from the future to the present via a "portal", helping housewives to use TODAY the bleach of tomorrow...
(9) Zulo at 5:32 this is satire, a zulo is NOT a habitable space, it is a small hiding place, normally sealed or underground to keep illegal things (weapons) and sadly, abducted persons on waiting for ransom (as it was the case of José Antonio Ortega Lara, he spent 532 days in a damp, underground zulo (3 metros by 2,5 by 1,8). In slang, an awful, flat often would be described as zulo, cell, coffin or hole.
(10) Titanic's orchestra at 5:40 in popular culture means "keep acting as if nothing is happening"

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